Debt Collection Where People Matter.

It’s our focus on people that means we succeed where others fail. With our experience, insight and legal expertise, you’ll get paid faster with us.

Personal Service

Our debt specialists are in constant dialogue with your customers.

Smart Web Tools

You can monitor all your transactions via our smart web services.

Instant Processing

Faster payment for improved liquidity.


Over 35 years of experience on your side.

We’ve been successfully recouping debts for customers since 1979 and we’ve learned that it’s people that make the difference. By stepping into the debitors’ shoes, and understand their unique situation, we have a greater chance of helping you reclaim outstanding payments. We’ve developed excellent systems and processes, but final decisions and tradeoffs are always taken by our experienced experts.

Here's how it works:

  • You contact us with details of an outstanding payment
  • We will contact the debitor the same day
  • You can track your case progress through our online services
  • Recovered debts are deposited in your account the next working day
  • If the customer is not able to pay within 12 days we will advise you on further legal action.

As a third party, we act as a buffer between you and the customer. If the customer is not able to pay, we’ll monitor their future solvency.


Debt Surveillance

As part of our debt collection service, we help monitor debts and advise on contract, company, consumer law as well as tort, rental and general commercial law.We know from experience that starting legal proceedings early is often crucial. Reduce the risk of disputes by contacting us before you sign any agreement. 

Debt surveillance – you benefit from:

  • Access to lawyers with expertise and experience
  • Effective communication – we keep a close eye on your cases
  • More cost effective than hiring a law firm

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