Do you have debtors abroad?

Recovering debts abroad requires special expertise. Customs and rules vary between countries and we have the networks and experience the help you.

Personal Service

Our debt specialists are in constant dialogue with your customers.

Smart Web Tools

You can monitor all your transactions via our smart web services.

Instant Processing

Our local agents can help recover debts globally.


We’ve successfully recovered debts abroad since 1981

It’s a challenge to recover debts from customers abroad. With our networks and expertise, we’re one of the best in Sweden. We can repair and strengthen relations between you and your customers by instigating a process of dialogue focused on resolving the debt.

A global network of local partners

It requires special expertise to recover debt from customers abroad. Regulations differ between countries and it pays to understand the customs and culture. We know which arguments and techniques will bring the right results for you. 



We have been members of the ECA (European Collectors Association) and the Commercial Law League since 1981.

This is the process for debt collection abroad:

  • You contact us with details of a debt
  • We contact the debitor the same day
  • If required local agents pursue the matter
  • You receive payment one working day after your customer has paid


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