Working towards a better world

We take our corporate social responsibilities seriously and, through a variety of initiatives, work to make a positive contribution to our global society.


Environmental Awareness

By basing our business online, we’re able to centralize our operations and avoid energy intensive offices. We can also reduce transportation between offices. We’re working to reduce all paper-based communications and account applications are now done online.

Our Travel Policy

With several hundred employees, we can make a difference by traveling responsibly. Meetings take place online but if travel is necessary, we choose the mode of transport that has the lowest environmental impact.

A Coalition Against Child Pornography

Through our membership in Finanskoalitionen, we’re helping to stop child pornography. This coalition of Swedish banks, ECPAT and the Swedish Police, works actively to stop online child pornography. Marginalen Bank supports ECPAT and takes an active stand against all forms of child sex trafficking.


Member of The Climate Pact

Klimatpakten is a collaboration between Stockholm city council and businesses based in Stockholm. Together, we work to reduce the environmental impact made by people who live and work in Stockholm.

Motivating Young People

Unga in is a collaboration between Fryshuset and Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish National Employment Agency). This is a long-term collaboration that aims to help young people, who are out of school, find jobs.

Micro Finance in Kenya

We believe that micro finance facilitates equality and sustainability in societies. By investing in Jamiibora Scandinavia AB, a company that that focuses on micro finance in Kenya, we want to give vulnerable people the opportunity to single-handedly build something better.

As a licensed bank we are trustworthy and dependable. We work hard to ensure our systems and routines meet the high standards our customers expect.

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