Our Business – More services, less hassle

We simplify finances by offering a range of customer focused solutions, all under one roof.

Our business

We’re here to make your everyday run a little smoother, by offering a range of products and service, designed to simplify your finances.

Our current and saving accounts offer some of the most competitive interest rates on the market today. And for your protection, all our accounts are covered by the Swedish governments deposit guarantee scheme.

Want to shop securely and have easy access to your money when you travel abroad? Shop smart with our range of debit and credit cards that offer several types of purchase insurance and a reward system that pays for your trip!
With Marginalen’s Travellers Points you collect points on all purchases and exchange them for tickets to a range of travel destinations!

Whatever life throws your way - our loans will meet your changing needs. Private customers can borrow up to 350 000 SEK in unsecured loans – perfect if you need to buy a car or decide to renovate your home.
Stuck with a poor credit rating? Marginalen’s Restart Loan can help restructure your personal finances, giving you access to the funds that can help get you back on track.

We also help businesses and entrepreneurs free up time and capital. With our experience and insight, we can assist with administration, accounting, payroll management and debt collection - freeing up time for you to develop your business interests.

Marginalen – we make your everyday easier.

Deposit Guarantee

All our accounts are covered by the Swedish government's deposit guarantee scheme. This covers deposits with accrued interest of up to 100 000 EUR per customer. If required, compensation is paid within twenty days.