Our Executive management Team

Ewa Glennow
Ewa Glennow Managing Director

CEO of Marginalen Bank and founder of the Marginalen Group.

Charlotte Strandberg
Charlotte Strandberg Head of Marginalen Core

Joined the company in 1981. Head of Marginalen Core. Deputy Managing Director since 2000. Former head of the debt recovery and legal affairs.

Eleonor Åslund
Eleonor Åslund Head of HR

Joined Marginalen Bank in 2007. Has more than 25 years’ experience in HR. Previously business area manager and manager for consultants at Wise Group. Prior to that head of HR at a number of international companies.

Bo Andersson
Bo Andersson Head of IT

Started at Marginalen Bank in 2016. Has extensive experience in digitization in the banking industry, with a focus on creating effective business-oriented IT organizations . Comes most recently from SBAB Bank and has previously worked in various collaborations with Preem , ICA Banken , Ikano Bank and Öresundsbanken.

Ola Espelund
Ola Espelund General Counsel

General Counsel at Marginalen Bank.

Thomas Kullman
Thomas Kullman Chief Risk Officer

Chief Risk Officer at Marginalen Bank.

Adnan Hadziosmanovic
Adnan Hadziosmanovic CFO

CFO at Marginalen Bank.