Marginalen Bank – A different kind of bank

We can help to simplify your finances, so you’ll have more time to enjoy life. Private and business customers benefit from a range of easy-to-use products and services, all under one roof.

About us

We believe that more people should benefit from competitive, straightforward financial services. Regardless of your circumstances, our loans, cards and accounts are designed to meet your changing needs. Private customers can borrow up to 350 000 sek in unsecured loans and omstartslånet is designed to help people with low credit ratings restructure their finances. Our credit cards offer a reward system that fits your style of living and you’ll also benefit from purchase and travel insurance wherever you shop!

We believe that customers should benefit from competitive interest rates and we have some of the markets most competitive interest rates. All our savings accounts are covered by the Swedish government’s deposit guarantee scheme.

For our business customers, Marginalen Bank offers a wide range of financial and administrative services. As successful entrepreneurs ourselves, we have the experience and insight to advise businesses at all stages of the growth cycle. We can assist with growth financing, invoicing, business loans, leasing and hire purchase.

Marginalen Core is dedicated to reducing business administration, freeing up time for entrepreneurs to develop business interests. Contact us for advice on legal, HR, accounting, debt collection and invoice management services.

Our Business Concept

Marginalen Bank frees up time for people to enjoy life and develop business interests. By listening to our customers’ needs, we’ve developed a range of competitive products and services that suit your lifestyle.

Our Vision

We want to contribute to a better world by creating economic opportunities for people from all walks of life.
We look to build partnerships, not based solely on numbers, but also on the currency of ideas.

Transparent & Secure

Marginalen Bank is ISO certified and an external auditor ensures all our services meet the requirements detailed in ISO 9001.
Our customers are protected by the Swedish government’s deposit guarantee scheme, which covers deposits of up to 100 000 EUR, per person.

Our Story

Our History


Facts and figures

  • Marginalen Bank was founded 2010.
  • Approximately 300 employees in Sweden.
  • Around 300.000 customers.
  • Supervised by Finansinspektionen (FI)
  • Covered by the Swedish government’s deposit guarantee scheme.
  • Marginalen Bank is ISO certified.
  • Marginalen Bank is owned by Marginalen AB.


(Million SEK) 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Loans 16 146,0 13 684,8  12 991,6 11 922,0 10 324,30
Deposits 17 193,0  16 597,0 15 191,4 15 206,30 14 104,90
Profits after tax 301,3  109,2 86,4 74,40 32,30
Assets 20 120,8  18 850,4 17 429,6 17 174,30 15 461,50